Since 2003, the NSEF has funded 73 programs in math, literacy, science, foreign language and the arts. NSEF has been able to provide these grants through generous contributions from the community. The mission of the Foundation is to sponsor activities and projects intended to enhance the education and cultural enrichment of the students of the North Syracuse Central School District. The activities are not funded by the regular school budget. All faculty and administration are encouraged to submit their ideas in the application form below.


Grant Submission

There are two components to submitting a grant. Please download and fill out the Grant Application and Grant Narrative forms listed below. The Grant Application should be submitted to Valerie DiFlorio at the District Offices and the Grant Narrative should be emailed to All applications are due on Friday, February 2, 2018.


Criteria for Grants

The North Syracuse Education Foundation is offering grants. To be funded, all grants awarded by the Foundation must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be directly related to student learning
  2. Be measurable
  3. Not include the purchase of materials or supplies that typically should be included in the District budget

Examples of grants include:

  1. Funding a guest to address an area of curriculum
  2. Funding the purchase of specialized learning equipment for classroom use that would not normally be part of the building or District budget

Grants are due to the foundation by Thursday, February 1, 2018. The Foundation has a mailbox located at the District Office, where grant applications may be forwarded. Completed grant narratives should be emailed to

  1. The North Syracuse Education Foundation will not fund conference requests.
  2. The North Syracuse Education Foundation will only award full grants. No partial grants will be considered.
  3. The North Syracuse Education Foundation will not place a cap on award amounts.
  4. The North Syracuse Education Foundation will not consider any grants received after the stated due date.
  5. The North Syracuse Education Foundation will only award worthy grant applications for those having a direct impact on the students of the North Syracuse School District.
  6. For the procedure on submitting a request for a grant reimbursement, please see the section titled "Grant Reimbursement Policy"

Please Note: The maximum payable will be the lesser of the amount of the approved grant or the receipts submitted.


Grant Reimbursement Policy

When submitting a request for a grant reimbursement, it will be handled in one of the following ways depending on how the vendor will accept payment and how the grant recipient wishes to proceed:  Any bill sent to the Foundation treasurer from the vendor should be sent to the following address: NSEF Treasurer, P.O. Box 5225, Syracuse, NY 13220-5225.

For ALL payments, please use the attached Grant Expenditure Reimbursement Form.

  • If the vendor will accept payment after the item(s) is received:
    • Then a bill should be submitted to the Foundation treasurer, along with a copy of the order and the packing slip, indicating those items ordered and received.   This information should be sent to the P.O. Box indicated above.
    • The treasurer will then send a check payable to the vendor as indicated on the "Grant Expenditure Reimbursement Form"
  • If the vendor will NOT accept payment after the item(s) is received and the grant recipient would like to pay for the item(s) and be later reimbursed:
    • Then the grant recipient must supply the Foundation treasurer with a copy of the order and the packing slip indicating those items ordered and received. 
    • The treasurer will then issue a check to the grant recipient as indicated on the "Grant Expenditure Reimbursement Form"
  • If the vendor will NOT accept payment after the item(s) is received and the grant recipient is NOT able to pay for the item(s) and be later reimbursed:
    • Then the grant recipient must supply the Foundation treasurer with a copy of the order.
    • The treasurer will then issue a check as indicated on the "Grant Expenditure Reimbursement Form". 
    • Once the item(s) is received, it is the responsibility of the grant recipient to forward a copy of the packing slip to the foundation treasurer indicating the items ordered and those received.

In any case, the maximum payable will be the lesser of the amount of the approved grant or the receipts submitted.


Grant Award Recipients

The North Syracuse Education Foundation is proud to announce the 2017 grant winners. This year’s grants went to:

2017 Award Recipients

  • Lily Zawadzki
  • Cori Patterson
  • Jennifer Fischer
  • Maureen Gill
  • TMelissa Petrarca
  • Amy Furletti
  • Shannon Vogt
  • Lindsay Marzullo

2016 Award Recipients

  • Wendy Tracy, Jennifer Thayer, Jill Trubia - Language Building Blocks in a Box
  • Kate Lane - Big Technology for the District's Smallest Learners
  • Susan Winn - Can You Hear Me Now
  • Susan Winn - We Read
  • Teri Parsons, Sue Ryan - Bagged Books to Build Comprehension
  • Lindsay Marzullo - OSMO Educational Hands
  • Mary Murdock - Connected Classroom: A 21st Century Approach
  • Paul Chapin - Science Technology Integration
  • Sara Bambino - Kinesthetic Theater Through A Raisin in the Sun
  • Sara Bambino - Building a Common Core Library
  • Shirley Neumeister - Real World Forensics
  • Kerry Delduchetto - Counseling Book Library

2015 Award Recipients

  • Kathleen Ehrlich - Digital Image Scanner
  • Mary Murdoch - What Did You Say?
  • Tom McJilton - Under the DOME
  • Danielle Rausa - All About that Bass (Drums)
  • Susan Lohret - Strengthening Academic Character through Habits of Mind
  • Kerry Delduchetto - Play Therapy Room
  • Karen Seamans - Can You Hear Me Now?
  • Susan Winn - QR What?
  • Zina Felt / Barbara Hunt - Hydroponic Garden
  • Cynde Ciesla - Moby Max Tablets
  • Christine Alencewicz - The Giving Tree
  • Michele Barone / Hollie Snyder - Full STEAM Ahead
  • Kara Cook - DSLR for Media Arts

2014 Award Recipients

  • Sheryl Brisson & Bobbi Vergara - Welcome Back Diego Rivera
  • Joel Hershey & Tom McJilton - Flinn Portable Demonstration Hood
  • Sara Bambino - Young Playrights
  • Amy Furletti - Flipped Tablets in the Math Classroom
  • Chris Leahey & Jim Schlotzhauer - Designing Webpages in the Social Studies Classroom
  • Kathy Conese - Listening Centers
  • Linda Dwyer - E-Girls: Empowering Girls through Entrepreneurship
  • Anne Marie Leaf & Sue Maniaci - SMART Response Clickers
  • Barbara Grenga - Miniature Dress Forms

2013 Award Recipients

  • Diane LaChance - Mobile Demonstration Table
  • Sara Bambino - Technology & the 21st Century - Skills for the AIS English Classroom
  • Karen DeSpirito, Jody Tantillo - Learning Garden Club
  • Su Keiser - I Pad, I Learn
  • Sarah Jones - E Readers in Special Class
  • Sara Bambino, Lisa VanBeveren - Shakespeare in a Box - Making the Shakespeare Connection
  • Tracy Liberman, Jen Przybylski, Kristin Hill - Transforming the Classroom: Art & Literacy
  • Kristin Hill, Jen Przybylski - Inspiring the Love of Literature

2012 Award Recipients

  • Glenda House, JoAnne Mroczek - Ebooks + Ereaders = Eleaders - Roxboro Road Middle School
  • Colleen Wickert, Fina Santangelo - Speed Stacking for All - Roxboro Road Elementary School
  • Judith Brennan - Culinary Workforce Preparation - CNS High School
  • Amy Furletti, Amy Owens - High School Math Ambassadors - CNS High School
  • Sheryl Garofano - Students Picture Their Future - CNS High School
  • John Nadler, Luke Morse - Can You Hear Me Now - NS Junior High
  • Kathleen Ehrlich - Drawing for Life and Studio Series - NS Junior High

2011 Award Recipients

  • Anne Marie Leaf, Sue Maniaci - The Daily 5 - Smith Road Elementary
  • Carolyn Mowers - Story Quilt - Smith Road Elementary
  • Becky Zinsmeyer - Easy Listening - Bear Road
  • Jill Millias, Bill Cupoli, Kim Lucia, Jon DeHay - Getting Fit in the 21st Century - Roxboro Road Middle School
  • Sheryl Brisson, Bobbi Vergara - A Day at the Museum - Roxboro Road Middle School
  • Elaine Ormsbee, Lee Bertone, Danielle Congden - Gillette Road Fitness Club - Gillette Road Middle School
  • Kathleen Ehrlich - Visual Journaling & the Visual Experience - NSJH
  • Matthew Harbinger, Martin Miner - Robot Accessories and Robots in the Classroom - CNS High School
  • Judith Brennan - Culinary Baking and Pastry - CNS High School

2010 Award Recipients

  • Mary Bearkland, Colleen O'Connor, Linda Earle, Trisha Nelson - Shedding Light on Photsynthesis - Allen Road Elementary School
  • Shirley Ware - Screen Printing - CNS High School
  • Larisa Black - DNA Research for the Future - NSJH
  • Darci LaRose - DVDs to Support Curriculum - Lakeshore Road Elementary
  • Traci Buffa, Deborah Dunlop - ELVes in Action - Roxboro Road Elementary School
  • Elizabeth Cannella - Read Naturally - NSJH
  • Barbara Mathews, Tiffany Gardiner - Multimedia Lessons for the German Classroom - NSJH       
  • Joanne Thornton -"Don't Get Sucked In" Smoking Centers – GRMS/RRMS
  • Shirley Ware - Hi-Tech Sewing - CNS High School

2009 Award Recipients

  • Norah Breindel - Listening Program - CNS High School
  • Maria Rice - Classroom Jeopardy - NSJH
  • John Rice - Digital Earth/Sun Model - GRMS and RRMS
  • Sheryl Garafano - E-Z Decorator - CNS High School
  • Shirley Ware - Visual Merchandising - CNS High School
  • Lisa Voegler - Fluency In Reading: Let the Words flow - Lakeshore Road Elementary
  • Christopher Solan - Get Down With German - GRMS and CNS High School
  • Bettina Siano - Content Area Library - Roxboro Road Elementary
  • Kristin Howell and Tammy Guarno - Grammar Punk - GRMS

2008 Award Recipients

  • Mary K. Eidt - Versa Tiles - Cicero Elementary -
  • Phil Cleary, Wendy Tracy - Amped-Up Pre-K - Main Street
  • Monica Fitzgerald - The Power of Read Alouds - KWS Bear Road Elementary
  • Judith Marley, Rona Edlund - The Computer and I are Reading Partners - CNS High School
  • Shirley Neumeister, Todd Hilt - Science Investigations - CNS High School
  • Mary Warren - Handy Learning/ The Write Stuff - Main Street
  • Greg Broton -Technology Applications in Earth Science - CNS High School
  • Main Street - Yoga Kids

2007 Award Recipients

  • Kelly-Anne Moen – Math 8 & 9, “Angleblocks” - NSJHS
  • Joanna Andrews & Becky Zinsmeyer – Third Grade – “Leveled Books” - Bear Road Elementary
  • Sheryl Garofano – Family & Consumer Sciences (10-12) Infant Psychology – “Understanding the Reality & Risk Factors During Pregnancy and Fetal Development” CNS High School
  • Shirley Neumeister & Todd Hilt – Science Investigations (10-12) “Science Investigations Equipment” - CNS High School
  • Kerri Shannon, Simone Lepine & Kathleen Sullivan – 7th grade Science, Social Studies and ELA House III Team“ Brain POP website membership” - GRMS
  • David Reed – UMOJA/Multiculturalism – “Black History Month Speaker and Performance” - CNS High School
  • John Rice – Living Environment/Grade 9 – “Biology Models”
  • Lois Exner & Deb Seal –All Subject areas, K-4 – “ADD/ADHD Parent Support Group” - Cicero Elementary
  • Mary Bearkland – First Grade – “Leap Into Reading!” - Allen Road Elementary

2006 Award Recipients

  • Christopher Hawkins: Greasel Conversion Kit
  • Becky Hall and Ellen Leuthauser: Drumming Circle
  • Mary Warren: Handwriting Without Tears
  • Paul Chapin: Science Investigation Equipment
  • Christine Storie: I Can Hear Clearly Now
  • Elaine Ormsbee: Continue Drug Quiz Show and More

2005 Award Recipients

  • David  Reed:  Social Studies
  • Wendy Thowdis:  CNS Teach In
  • Lois  Exner: NSCSD ADHD Parent Support Group
  • Kristin Ordway: Sensational Scrapbooks (Language Arts/Writing
  • Joe Howell: Purchase of game standards and padding (Elementary Physical Education)

2004 Award Recipients

  • Joseph Sidoni Jr. : Community Enhancement CDs
  • Glenda House: Reading with Mrs. House

2003 Award Recipients

  • Traci Buffa and Deborah Dunlop : The Breakfast Club - Reading Program - Roxboro Road Elementary School
  • Robert Crabtree : Parent/Student/Teacher Connection - Cicero Elementary School
  • Lisa Goldberg and Wendy Thowdis : CNS Teach In - Cicero-North Syracuse High School


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